FAF Grant Funded Student Projects that engaged the U and local communities

September 20 2017

 By Guest Writer and Emerging Leaders Ambassador, Emina Tatarevic.

The College of Fine Arts gives opportunities to student-led groups to apply for funding through Fine Arts Fees (“FAF”) Grants. FAF Grants fund extracurricular student projects yearly in fall and spring funding cycles. The FAF Grants Funding Committee is comprised of peer-selected student leaders from each CFA unit. During 2016-2017, the FAF Grants Funding Committee awarded $106,980 to projects that engaged the U and local communities, showcased student work, and allowed for students to network and engage with professionals in their field.

The Baroque Student Group gives visitors the opportunity to experience a time period rich with interdisciplinary traditions and student performers’ interpretations of these historic customs. In 2016, the group received a grant for their event, A Night at the Tavern. This project celebrated Baroque culture through art, music, and dance, showcasing the talents of students from the Department of Art & Art History, Schools of Dance and Music.

Darlene Castro, a member of the Baroque Student Group Representative Board and one of the FAF Grant proposal authors, commended the FAF Grants process as one that facilitated the development of skillsets that provided their “CVs and resumes a competitive edge for after we graduate and as we begin looking for jobs or applying to graduate programs.” Additionally, she notes that “getting the chance to develop and practice these administrative skills while planning an event of music and art that we’re passionate about was a truly wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone.” The collaborative nature of this project allowed for students across the campus to be involved in the success of A Night at the Tavern.

The Baroque Student Group is one of 41 student-led organizations that received funding from FAF Grants last academic year. Another such project was the Department of Art & Art History’s Painting and Drawing Masters’ Senior BFA Exhibition, Embark.

Embark was an exhibition created to celebrate and display the work of Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors in the Department of Art & Art History. Forty-three students exhibited their work at Embark, opening their viewership to over 300 individuals who came to the opening night. Painting and Drawing Masters members gained valuable skills through the processes of curating and mounting an exhibition. Lya Yang, one of the grant authors, appreciates the process of applying for and receiving a FAF Grant. Her student group applauds the opportunity not only for “practical, real-world type of experience that many professional working artists will have to go through” but also for funding an exhibition “that may not be possible otherwise.” Yang cites the balance between a supportive backing by the College of Fine Arts and the “freedom to decide” with crafting an environment in which the student group could achieve their vision for the Senior Art Exhibition.

Are you interested in funding from FAF Grants? Start planning early! The Fall FAF Grant deadline is October 6, 2017. Visit the FAF Grants website for information on funding guidelines and restrictions, important dates, and contact information for 2017-2018 FAF Grants Representatives.