Arts Re:Generation

At the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, we use arts as a vehicle tocultivate the next generation of creative explorers who will simultaneouslyexpand and contract the world by making more places known and fewermisunderstood.

So, funding our work isn’t just about entertainment, beauty and aesthetic.It’s more — it’s about creativity, enlightenment and progress.

Because we’re the dreamers, the rebels, the catalysts for change.

We are driven to create that which reflects our perfect and imperfect world, andto provoke thought that provokes people to provoke progress.

We are the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, and we envision aworld where we harness the power of the arts to inspire us all to find ourvoices, fuel our passions, and ignite our futures.

Thank you for being a part of the University of Utah’s arts regeneration.

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