Eric Schmitz, M.Ed.

CFA Academic Advisor

Pronouns: he/ him/ his

Schedule an Appointment: Online


Office: ART 161

Eric comes to The University of Utah with over 20 years of experience in education working with both K-12 and adult learners.  Originally from Illinois, he has also lived in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and now Utah.  Eric earned his M.Ed. from Lesley University with an emphasis in the fine arts.  Supporting unique and diverse learners has been Eric’s main focus throughout his career and views academic advising as an opportunity to recognize skills and experiences as assets to be valued and appreciated.  Outside of work Eric enjoys travel, cooking, spending time with his husband and three cats, and being an uncle to 15 nieces and nephews.

Advising Philosophy:

I believe the purpose of advising is to advocate for students and provide support through relationship, information, and resources.  When I advise students, I aspire to establish a connection to build a working relationship.  The thing I value most about working with students is the ability to recognize and honor the individual in the larger structure of the College of Fine Arts and The University of Utah.  The theories that have most impacted my advising are “advising as teaching” and Appreciative advising.