The U Shines at the 2023-24 Utah Art Education Association Awards

March 11 2024

The Department of Art & Art History was prominently featured at the Utah Art Education Association’s 2023-24 state-wide awards ceremony. Congratulations to the department chairperson, Prof. V. Kim Martinez, and art teaching student Carlos Miranda-Rodriguez.

Professor V. Kim Martinez received the Utah Distinguished Service Outside the Profession Award. This award is open to any person or organization demonstrating significant support of visual arts education.

"I love art education because it allows me to aid students in expressing themselves creatively and explore multiple forms of artistic expression. As an art professor, sharing my artistic research experiences and processes with students can effectively inspire and motivate them. My goals are to support young artists in developing their unique artistic voices by giving them insight through their creative journey to develop critical thinking skills and invite them to analyze and interpret visual information."

—V. Kim Martinez

UAEA 2023-24 | Utah Distinguished Service Outside of the Profession Award to Prof. V. Kim Martinez from U of U College of Fine Arts on Vimeo.

Art Teaching student Carlos Miranda-Rodriguez received the Utah Preservice Art Educator Award.


"I was born and raised in Kearns / West Valley area and pretty much have lived there my whole life. I began my artistic journey in high school at Hunter High. My educator at the time, Rock Frampton really pushed me to stay engaged in his class. 8 years later with the support of mentors, family, and friends, I am a few weeks from graduating and becoming a full-time art educator myself!"

—Carlos Miranda-Rodriguez 

UAEA 2023-24 | Utah Preservice Art Educator Award to Carlos Miranda-Rodriguez from U of U College of Fine Arts on Vimeo.

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