Fine Arts Fees (FAF) Grants Representatives

The FAF Grants Committee Representatives are CFA ASUU representatives, and three elected or appointed members from each CFA unit. These representatives are typically a 1st or 2nd year undergraduate student, a 3rd or higher-year undergraduate student, and a graduate student (if no graduate program exists in the unit, then another 3rd or higher- year student). Each FAF Grants Funding Committee member may serve for two years, either consecutively or otherwise.

Department of Art & Art History
DSC01842-copyKelly Goff

Kiki Karahalios

Hannah Nielsen

School of Dance
Laura Baumeister

Brooke Wertwijn

Halie Bahr

Department of Film & Media Arts
Nikki Bullock

Malaina Toner

Cade Carter

School of Music
Benji Drysdale

Amy Bach

Sean Dulger

Department of Theatre

Tom Roche

Trey Pullen

Liz Meredith

CFA Senate: Susannah Mecham

ASUU Assembly: Gabriel Misla

ASUU Assembly: Alexander Whitty