Objective 4: Enhance and strengthen the financial sustainability of the CFA

Initiative 4.1: Promote efficient and effective use of resources within and among campus arts units


  1. Gather and analyze information on needs among all campus arts entities to identify opportunities for synergy/efficiency
    1. Investigate uses and needs of physical spaces (for example, costume shops) and human resources (for example, stage managers/ushers) to identify overlaps and holes
  2. Optimize by increasing the leveraging of identified resource needs among arts units

Initiative 4.2: Generate additional funding sources for the college


  1. Enhance connections with alumni, donors, patrons, and friends with the goal of increasing college resources for student, staff, and faculty success
    1. Strengthen alumni relations network
    2. Expand and coordinate community support and involvement
    3. Increase sense of belonging to the CFA (in addition to the school/department) among current students, alumni, and donors through communications, events, and stewardship
  2. Increase collaborations with employers and corporate and government partners
    1. Enhance sponsorship and partnership opportunities
    2. Explore current and potential relationships to encourage the creation of internship opportunities
  3. Partner and participate in the University’s comprehensive campaign
  4. Increase external grant proposals to support faculty research and increase graduate program funding and opportunities

Initiative 4.3: Encourage CFA employee participation in University boards, committees, and councils


  1. Identify committees and forums relevant to the CFA and publicize involvement opportunities
  2. Publicize CFA representation where possible (through newsletter and website)
  3. Celebrate staff and faculty members’ contributions to the campus and greater community (through newsletter and website)

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