Objective 2: Expand outreach and engagement to shape and improve the College of Fine Arts and the U

Initiative 2.1: Using community-engaged approaches, enrich the educational experience of current students, support faculty research, and recruit new students to the CFA


  1. Assess current CFA Community Engaged Learning (CEL) courses and determine if additional courses may qualify for CEL-designation
  2. Identify specific courses that could be designated as Diversity (DV) and potentially fulfill other general education requirements that support research and learning opportunities in alternative spaces
  3. Increase the number of CFA courses taught off-campus in alternative spaces
  4. Provide increased curricular choices and department processes that support students in their community-engaged learning goals (e.g., establish “either or courses” that are embedded in specific programs of study; increase the number of performances, exhibits, film screenings and senior recitals that take place in community spaces)

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