Objective 2: Enhance CFA employee relations, morale, and pay equity

Initiative 2.1: Prioritize equitable compensation for all categories and ranks of employees: staff and faculty (tenure-line, career-line and adjunct)


  1. Actively pursue salary equity for staff and all ranks of faculty
    1. Gather data from peer and aspirant institutions and the University for pay rate information
    2. Establish an appropriate salary minimum for adjunct faculty throughout the college
  2. Conduct annual merit-based performance evaluations of staff and faculty upon which merit increases can be fairly based
  3. Work toward budgeting such that annual increases are financially feasible for all non-temporary employees (including the creation of a plan to encourage fair pay for adjunct faculty)

Initiative 2.2: Enhance opportunities for connection, collaboration, and collegiality within and among members of the college and campus community (such as College-wide Faculty & Staff Meeting, CFA Staff Conference, Distinguished Alumni Awards Celebrations, Faculty & Staff Awards, and Arts Bash Celebration)

Initiative 2.3: Promote and support professional development opportunities for staff and faculty


  1. Maintain and expand internal and external opportunities for staff to receive professional development training
    1. Expand Staff Professional Development Fund amount and include tuition support for relevant University courses
    2. Explore online training opportunities in addition to Lynda.com
  2. Create a college policy to support flexible work schedules for appropriate staff positions
  3. Pursue additional resources to expand professional development opportunities for all faculty
    1. Expand professional development funding to support more faculty members
    2. Expand Lynda.com training availability to faculty
  4. Provide leadership development opportunities within the CFA
    1. Implement “leadership pipelines” for staff and faculty within the departments/schools and the college
  5. Review and revise CFA faculty mentorship program(s) (possible metrics: faculty retention rates, survey of faculty in the mentorship program, survey of faculty mentors and chairs, research productivity as recorded in the FAR)

Initiative 2.4: Evaluate and prioritize additional research, teaching, and staffing needs, and pursue additional resources accordingly


  1. Evaluate efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance of current staffing, service, and teaching resources by FY20
  2. Pursue additional endowed faculty positions
  3. Pursue resources for approved additional staffing needs
  4. Encourage and prioritize interdisciplinary faculty hiring within the CFA – incorporating this prioritization into the RFP processes
  5. Create a clear and transparent policy regarding faculty FTE, load, and compensation in each academic unit – consistency within each unit reached by FY20

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