College of Fine Arts Vision

A world where we harness the power of the arts to inspire us all to find our voices, fuel our passions, and ignite our futures. 

College of Fine Arts Mission Statement

Generate and share new knowledge through inclusive and sustainable inquiry in and through the arts. 

College of Fine Arts Core Values




College of Fine Arts Strategic Plan

This strategic plan is the product of significant reflection on the part of the faculty and staff of the College of Fine Arts (CFA). Over a period of two years, from 2016 through 2018, the college community invested thoughtful energy and cooperative efforts, examining our past and present, and boldly envisioning our future. The process led to our college community collaboratively establishing a list of shared core values, crafting newly re-envisioned mission and vision statements, and developing our four central goals for the future. 

From the preliminary stages, this project has been a collective effort. Prior to the 2016 close of the college’s previous strategic plan, the CFA initiated college-wide townhall meetings with a focus on discussing “Strategic Pathways.” These townhall meetings engaged faculty and staff members in preliminary discussions about the future, looking toward a new strategic plan. In an August 2017 retreat, the college’s Executive Committee conducted a SWOT analysis, exploring the college’s perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This analysis informed the development of the team that would further shape the strategic plan. Discussions continued through the Fall of 2017, culminating in the creation of the college’s four main goals, which reflect the university’s goals by focusing on research, student success, community engagement, and long-term viability. 

In Fall 2017, the college formed four subcommittees, one to focus on each goal, and populated the subcommittees with volunteer faculty, staff, and community members. At the close of that Fall semester, the college hosted a retreat for the subcommittees to launch the development of their respective goal areas, and subcommittee meetings and discussions continued through the Spring of 2018. At the request of the subcommittees, the college crafted surveys to collect data across the college population – including students, staff, and faculty – in the hopes that all voices would be represented in the final plan. The surveys were conducted in March of 2018, and the data collected helped shape the initiatives of the current plan. 

Through the Spring and Summer of 2018, the subcommittees reviewed the survey data, began to establish focus areas, and developed and refined initiatives and action steps for each goal. In August, the college’s Executive Committee reviewed, discussed, and further refined a draft of the developing Strategic Plan. Subsequently, with feedback from the Executive Committee, the subcommittees continued editing their respective sections, and began determining responsible parties and timelines for each initiative. 

In Fall 2018, college-wide townhall meetings were held to discuss the draft of the plan in its entirety. Input from the college community was integrated through continued editing, and the plan was further reviewed and refined by the Dean’s Cabinet and Executive Committee. The final version of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan was distributed college-wide in January of 2019, is expected to be approved by the college’s Executive Committee on February 1, 2019 and ratified by the College Council on February 15, 2019. 

As we strive to live by our core values and embody our mission, our intention is for this plan to be a “living” document that will continue to evolve as we seek to reach our vision for the future of the College of Fine Arts.

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