About ArtsForce

ArtsForce events and workshops help you, current College of Fine Arts undergraduate students, transition from college into a successful and rewarding career in any field you choose.Each year, a team of your peers intern to create events and workshops. These are opportunities to receive mentoring, network with established artists, businesses, and organizations, and develop skills needed for professional growth after college. ArtsForce wants you to succeed!

ArtsForce History

ArtsForce, in collaboration with the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP), started in the Fall of 2013 as a two-day conference. Hundreds of students from the College of Fine Arts’ five academic units gathered to hear guest speakers from across the country discuss the post-graduation job market for art students. Guests included, Vanderbilt University’s Steven J. Tepper and Indiana University’s Sally Gaskill.

ArtsForce has now grown into a year-long series of student-organized workshops and events. These workshops focus on helping College of Fine Arts students discover the value of their degree and help students to connect with resources on campus, such as University Career Services.

In 2015 ArtsForce received the Beacon of Excellence Award. This award recognizes excellence in providing transformative experiences to University of Utah undergraduate students.