CFA Orientation 2020



Below are steps and information you will need to move forward with your CFA Academic Registration meeting.  


Step 1: Complete the following prior to your CFA Academic Advisor Registration Meeting.

These New Student Orientation modules and CFA specific videos will provide you with information necessary to be successful in your first semester as a CFA student.


Step 2: Sign up for a CFA Academic Advisor Registration meeting.

We will use this time to orient you to the College of Fine Arts, and to focus on your first semester course registration. 


Step 3: Follow-up items after your CFA Academic Advisor Registration meeting

  • The schedule you created during your CFA Orientation & Registration Zoom meeting will be reviewed by a CFA Advisor. If changes need to be made to your schedule, a CFA Advisor will email you at your Umail. If your schedule changes after you've emailed it to our CFA advising team, please send a new screenshot of your schedule to
  • Remember to regularly check your Umail!  Review the following Umail website, if you have questions or issues regarding your Umail.  
  • Attend your Fall semester classes and visit Create Success for helpful information about how to succeed at the U!
  • During your first semester at the University, you will be required to meet with a CFA Advisor before registering for your second semester classes. Your Mandatory First-Year Advising appointment will be focused on advising rather than registration and you will be notified, via Umail, when it is time for your Mandatory First-Year Advising appointment. You can read more about Mandatory Advising here.  

We look forward to working with you!