Paige Tinsman joins the stellar CFA academic advising team!

February 16 2021

We’re so excited that joining the team of brilliant and dedicated student advocates is Paige Tinsman.   

A native Midwesterner, Paige has gradually worked her way west from her home state of Indiana. She studied music in college and graduate school, and never wanted to leave the vibrant, learning-filled atmosphere of college.  Before working at the University of Utah, Paige was an advisor at Barton Community College in Fort Riley, Kansas. In her free time, Paige enjoys playing the trumpet, reading, yoga, following Chicago Cubs baseball, and hiking with her husband. She is looking forward to exploring Utah’s many outdoor spaces and attending live performances at the U.

“Our academic advisors provide integral components of our Create Success Initiative, which is our program dedicated to facilitating student success,” said Liz Leckie, the CFA’s Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs. “And we’re looking forward to continuing our tradition of strong evidence-based advising with Paige on our team.” Academic advisors are educators and problem solvers who advocate for students as they navigate their personal journeys through higher education and attain their academic goals. Through inclusion and connection, academic advisors open doors to new opportunities for self-awareness and growth, empowering students to define their roles as citizens within local and global communities.

“As an advisor, I come alongside students during a transformative time in their lives to help them achieve goals that matter to them,” Paige says. “I encourage reflection about purpose and life direction while equipping students with the resources to be successful in their chosen paths. Along the way, I attempt to de-mystify the higher education processes and terminology that can be confusing.”

Welcome, Paige!