The value of scholarship support, in the words of Fine Arts students

February 17 2021

By Katie McLaughlin and Merinda Christensen

U Giving Day is on it's way! On February 23 - 24, an 1,850-minute fundraising celebration will take over the University of Utah campus! This is the third university-wide giving event that challenges students, alumni, staff, faculty, parents, patients, and friends to imagine more for the University of Utah and the programs dear to their hearts.

This year, every dollar raised for the College of Fine Arts will go toward student scholarships across our five academic units. This financial support is integral to supporting recipients as they pursue their degrees. 

To express just how valuable support is at this time, we connected with students to find out how scholarship support has changed their experience for the better. 

Here’s what our students had to say about the value of scholarships:


“This scholarship means that I have more time to devote to my studies instead of trying to balance work and school. It also allows me to spend money on making my art, especially when the visual arts are often a very material/supply-based degree, instead of using all my savings towards tuition.  Importantly, it helps pay for department fees for use of equipment to work on projects like my recent short film noir.”
-Emily Gardner, Department of Film & Media Arts 

“My scholarship has shown me that there are people invested in me and my future. I can't tell you how encouraging it is to know that there are generous donors that have faith in my talent. This knowledge pushes me every day to work harder. My scholarship has opened a lot of financial doors and given me much more freedom in my academic career at the University of Utah. It has allowed me the comfort and stability to work towards my degree, to which I am immensely grateful.”
-Emily Hansen, School of Music 

“Receiving the Fine Arts Advisory Board Scholarship has made it possible for me to fully emerge myself in my studies without splitting my time with a part time job. Receiving financial support to attend college gives me the opportunity to fully commit to projects like dance performances. This is an honor, a privilege, and essential to my development as a performing artist. This scholarship has opened a world of opportunities for me that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.”
-Allison Schuh, School of Dance

“Because of my scholarship, I've explored aspects of theatre, performance, and production that I wouldn't have sought out otherwise. Through my scholarship, I interface more with the students and faculty in the Department of Theatre. With more time, I serve as a member of the Student Advisory Committee, I am the treasurer of a student production organization Open Door, and I am rehearsing my second main stage production this Spring!” 
-Hannah Keating, Department of Theatre

“Without the Fine Arts Advisory Board scholarship, it would've been very difficult to finish my bachelor's degree. Between the scholarship and Financial Aid, I didn't owe any tuition out of pocket this semester, so I can dedicate more effort to my opera studies. Being awarded the FAAB scholarship makes me see just how much I can accomplish if I focus and get the work done.”
-Jacquelyn Musig, School of Music 

“I can invest so much more time into my filmmaking and the organizations that support film students, such as the Film Production Club and ADTHING Video at Student Media. I am happy knowing that my hard work is appreciated. I am currently in that awkward part of my career where I am working on building up my reel and portfolio, which usually means investing more into production than getting out of it. The financial support eases that burden greatly.”
-Cayden Turnbow, Department of Film & Media Arts

“My scholarships mean that I can continue to get an education and participate in my major in a way that is almost impossible without help. Financial support demonstrates the passion for education from many people I may or may not know. If I did not have these scholarships, I could not afford to take off as much time as I have to gain the experience and have the hands-on training that my program offers.”
-Emily Beatse, Department of Theatre


*Authors Katie McLaughlin and Merinda Christensen are Emerging Leaders Interns with ArtsForce.