Interdisciplinary project tackling the climate crisis wants YOUR participation

January 25 2021

Guest blog by Elisabet Curbelo, PhD and Hasse Borup, DMA

We are excited to share with you a new event series called Artivism4Earth

Artvism4Earth is an interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Utah campus, community partners, and collaborators nationwide (Harvard, Stanford, the University of Virginia, among others) to find new, artistic ways to communicate the urgency of climate change. With the current climate crisis unfolding, different disciplines must unite, collaborating to create meaning around challenging topics and shining new light on complex problems to inspire new solutions. Central to the project is the idea that higher learning institutions, which house thinkers and creators from multiple scientific and artistic disciplines, hold a unique advantage to facilitate and foster the kind of dialogue that may lead to more outstanding communication, understanding, and, ultimately, action.

The main event will take place on Earth Day, April 22, 2021, with a series of virtual events, roundtable discussions, student presentations, culminating in an evening presentation of climate change expressions of loss and hope, hosted by University of Utah President Ruth Watkins.

Please join us and explore this website for detailed information about the various activities.