Insights from An Intern: Bennett Blake, Department of Art & Art History

May 12 2020

This is a series dedicated to highlighting the insights our students gained during their internships.

Name: Bennett Blake, Department of Art & Art History 

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, January to March 2020

What responsibilities did you have as an intern? 

I spent the majority of my time supporting Visitor Services. In this role, I was responsible for making sure that our patrons have a positive experience visiting the UMOCA. I helped out in all areas of museum operations, but the majority of the work was collecting feedback on exhibitions and observing how our visitors interact with the museum-space. 

What new skills or knowledge did you gain from your internship?

Learning how to collaborate with folks who have a much different skillset than your own was an invaluable skill in this internship. I was constantly working with individuals outside of the Visitor Services department. Being flexible about changing your original perspective is crucial in order for any team to function as a cohesive unit.

What connections did you make and how do you think they may help you in your career?

I made connections not only within the museum but also with important members of the Salt Lake Arts Community broadly. Some of these relationships formed due to those who worked in the museum, but I made most of my connections being willing to network at the events we would put on and invite the community to. I would recommend the museum environment to anyone who is looking to explore the many creative projects that Salt Lake is involved in.

What advice would you give other students who are interested in a similar internship? 

Be willing to take advantage of every opportunity that the internship presents you! I encourage you to talk to other employees at your organization and learn what their responsibilities are. You don’t know if you may discover a passion that you did not know you had. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whoever you are doing your internship with wants you to learn, grow, and ultimately succeed. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone often means having to ask for a helping hand, so do it! 

Is there anything else you want to tell us? 

ArtsForce is an awesome tool that every student in the arts should utilize. Apply to as many positions that speak to your passions as possible and seek help if you need preparing for an interview or appearing professional. Everyone in the community wants you to succeed so use your resources!