The Red Hots! Want to Come & Play

September 15 2019

Listen up!

The School of Music’s Red Hot! Performers are expanding in hopes of bringing more live classical and jazz music to events all over the U’s campus and in the wider Salt Lake City community.

Founded in 2012, the music student soloists and ensembles that make up the Red Hots! have enlivened many U of U advancement events by providing dynamic background accompaniment. Last year, in collaboration with the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, jazz students performed four live concerts at Lassonde Studios, bringing music directly to students an out of traditional concert venues.

And they are not stopping there.

Under new leadership of music graduate student Alison Saporta, and with the support from Fine Arts Fees, the number of Red Hots! appearances you will see will continue to rise. Now in partnership with the Olpin University Union, and the Marriott Library in addition to  Lassonde, you may see drum circles in the Union food court, holiday favorites in the Neeleman Hanger at Lassonde, and early music in the Marriott Library.

Program Coordinator Alison Saporta describes, “Another goal for this upcoming year is to get our Red Hots! Performers to explore performing with all types of artists. For example, if there are dancers that want to perform, perhaps they can perform with vocalists and/or instrumentalists. I think it is important that as musicians and students, we learn how to collaborate with all performers as it brings people together while enhancing artistry and performances.”

They are also available for hire.
So don’t hesitate to add music to your event and jazz it up.

The Red Hots! Program not only exposes new audiences to live music but develops students’ professional skills in the meantime. About the coming year, Saporta says, “Music and art brings everyone together, and with the amazing performers we have at the U, I have no doubt that this will spark a better engagement in the community.”

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