Applications are now open for Inspired Living on campus

February 08 2019

College of Fine Arts Undergraduate Students have two options for living on campus and now is the time to apply for 2019/20 living at the EE Jones Fine Arts House and the Fine Arts Floor. Students who are living in the Arts House and on the Arts Floor make up the most vibrant living communities on campus.

The Emma Eccles Jones Fine Arts House offers 12 undergraduate student artists from all of the College of Fine Arts disciplines a chance to live and learn from each other during a year of collaboration and new experiences. Students living in the Fine Arts House receive a scholarship and are expected to participate in the mandatory arts leadership experiences.

Fine Arts House includes:
• Single and double rooms
• Common living spaces
• Kitchen and a meal plan
• Washer and dryer

For this opportunity, students apply to Housing through their CIS page and select the Fine Arts House AND apply for the scholarship. Please contact the College of Fine Arts for more information.

The Fine Arts Floor is the home to 27 College of Fine Arts undergraduate students/artists. The Fine Arts Floor is designated as a first-year freshman living experience. The programming on the Fine Arts Floor is full of experiences centered on learning about arts on campus and in the Salt Lake Community. Living on the Fine Arts Floor means that first-year freshman students will be connected to other fine arts students, faculty, and arts community leaders.

Fine Arts Floor includes:
• Single and double rooms with suite-style living
• Common study space
• Meal plan and access to a kitchenette
• Laundry facilities
• Easy access to campus

For this opportunity, students apply to Housing through their CIS page and select the Fine Arts Floor.

Here is what students say about their experiences living in on-campus arts communities:

“Being surrounded by a community of creative people, I have learned new things about art and how others create art. It has broadened my knowledge and has made me a more successful artists overall.” Student Resident 2014

“Living with other artists who have the same drive and determination that I do has been a rare opportunity. It has allowed me to network and collaborate with other residents to create fantastic projects and to open doors to work together in the future.” Student Resident 2013

“As artists, we can oftentimes catch negative comments about studying the arts, and then it is part of our schooling to have our work critiqued on a regular basis. Living in an arts community helps us to deal with those things because we all support each other. We brainstorm, we go to each other’s performances and exhibits, we create a supportive community where we all can thrive.” Resident Advisor 2014

“I love living in a community of like-minded people. I look forward to coming home to a bunch of unique, chaotic, and hard-at-work artistic minds every day.” Student Resident 2015