Gain experience in arts administration, marketing and community outreach as an intern at UtahPresents!

April 23 2018

An exciting opportunity is available at UtahPresents for students interested in learning more and gaining experience in arts administration, marketing and community outreach. This paid internship works with both Sheri Jardine, communication manager, and Robin Wilks-Dunn, community engagement manager, to help promote public performances on the UtahPresents season and the various community engagement events connected to those performances.

“My internship with UtahPresents has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my college career,” said Cece Otto, current intern and graduating senior. “Not only are Sheri and Robin delightful to work for, they have consistently provided me with opportunities to expand my knowledge of arts administration and connect to a national arts community.”

Responsibilities of the internship include:
• Creating study guides for students to enhance understanding of school matinee performances
• Creating promotional fliers detailing performances for email and print distribution
• Assisting with supplementary community outreach events
• Updating subscriber database
• Distributing marketing materials for performances around campus, and occasionally the surrounding community
• Brainstorming ideas to increase reach to students on campus

Benefits of the position include:
• Seeing a variety of performances
• Meeting and interacting with artists
• Working with incredible, like minded individuals
• Flexible hours

UtahPresents provides a dynamic season presenting artists from all genres and platforms coming to Utah from all over the world. The intern will achieve an understanding of programing, marketing, outreach efforts, and an introduction into interacting with sponsors. They will be given the opportunity to strengthen their communication skills, and to learn how to market art and artists to audiences with no prior knowledge of their value. In addition, they will gain insight into what it is like to tour as a performing artist, and additionally, what it takes for a presenting house (such as UtahPresents) to bring artists to perform from around the world.

“Working at UtahPresents has given me valuable knowledge, and hands-on experience, that I will be able to use to further my own artistic career,” added Cece.

Paid internships in the arts are few and far between. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to work with UtahPresents and the fantastic variety of artists they bring to the University of Utah. For more information or to apply please send your resume to Sheri Jardine.