Dean Scheib: Thank you

November 16 2017

Moving across the country for a new job can be, as many of you know, an intense endeavor. And while I have certainly felt incredible excitement, curiosity and, admittedly, even some concern, the emotion I have felt with more power and frequency than any other is gratitude.

When my wife, Amy, and I arrived in Utah nearly five months ago, I couldn’t have imagined landing in a more welcoming community.

Every day, I realize how the University leadership and College faculty and staff paved the way for a smooth transition with what had to have been tireless planning and preparation. In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had an idea only to learn that not only did someone already imagine it, but they’ve taken steps to make it a reality. Our team here is remarkable, and the commitment to our students’ success is unparalleled.

I’ve also had the great fortune of connecting with the College’s Fine Arts Advisory Board members, generous donors, and leaders in our broader arts community. Even though I had heard that we have a thriving arts scene here, nothing could have prepared me for the sincerity of passion, the quality of work, or the degree to which art is made accessible.

And, little could make me feel more at home.

So, for all of this: the inclusion we have felt, the commitment to cultivating culture and the support for creativity, I hope to express my genuine gratitude. Thank you for making me part of what is an extraordinary community of artists, learners, and leaders.

I wish you all a warm and bountiful holiday.

Very sincerely,

John W. Scheib
Dean, College of Fine Arts