Alumni: Oh, SNAAP!

October 05 2017

By Marina Gomberg

Did you study in the arts at the University of Utah? Then we need you! Well, SNAAP actually needs you. That’s the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project, and they’re conducting their massive nationwide survey of arts alumni.

This is the second time we have partnered with SNAAP to help us better understand not just the experience of arts alumni across the nation, but those specifically who studied here with us at the University of Utah in the College of Fine Arts.

We participated three years ago and gleaned fascinating information about the success of our alumni in their work both in and out of the arts. From that data, we learned what we have been doing well and what training and experience our former students wish they had gotten more of while they were with us. It has impacted the breadth and depth of various curricular and programmatic offerings, and we’re thirsty to learn more.

So, we’re just giving you a heads up. SNAAP is going to contact you with a survey, and we would be most appreciative if you’d open that email!

Thanks in advance; we know you are busy and we so value your time and opinion.

(Not sure if we have your current email address, but want to be able to participate? (Update your information here.)