I’d like to introduce myself

July 07 2017

Hello. I’m John Scheib, and it’s a pleasure to (virtually) meet you.

I am a musician, a dad, an educator, a husband, a nature enthusiast, a curious life-long learner, and, most recently, I am the new Dean of the University of Utah College of Fine Arts.

Raised in a family of artists and art appreciators, I’ve been absolutely enchanted by the power of art for as long as I can remember – whether as a creator or a witness. The power to so convincingly convey, with or without words, profound human emotion, story, and perspective is incredible to me. So, luckily, despite my mom’s self-reported inability to carry a tune, she was a fervent champion of my musical pursuits.

I’m quite grateful, because it’s been through art that I have found ways to connect, to find inspiration, and if I’m lucky, have a chance at inspiring others.

You see, it’s through art that we explore what it is to be human. And it’s through art education that we create the next generation of creative thinkers – those who will go on to solve the most critical challenges of the 21st century, preserve the history of the human experience, and inspire the changes that will shape our society’s legacy of progress.

Art allows us to come together, awaken, and connect. And that’s precisely what I hope we as academic and artistic communities can do at this important moment. I am so pleased to be at the helm of what has grown to be a mighty presence on campus, in the community, and indeed across the globe. Dean Raymond Tymas-Jones and those who came before him have generated a momentum that is now our responsibility to maintain as we take the University of Utah College of Fine Arts into its next iteration of creation and success.

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me; I so look forward to having the same chance with you. Until then, I will look forward to connecting and together nurturing this space where faculty, staff and students can succeed.

John W. Scheib
Dean, College of Fine Arts