How to Navigate the ArtsForce Canvas Community

This quick and easy guide will enhance your ArtsForce experience. 


Unlike your typical course, this tab is the ArtsForce event schedule. Check it out to stay informed of the semester’s event line up. We’ll have those dates in the calendar as well. 


This is the hub of all ArtsForce updates. Check here for event reminders and surveys, workshop location changes, meetups, networking or volunteering opportunities, etc. 


Workshops and events can only give you so much help in the allotted amount of time. In the discussions, we provide additional information and ways to engage in the ArtsForce community. We’ll post relevant pre­workshop content to help you prepare for our events, as well as give you a space to ask any preliminary questions leading up to the events. We’ll keep the discussions open after our events so that any further questions and clarifications can be asked and skills covered in the workshops can be practiced.

Beyond event related posts, we have pinned posts that are active and updated by leaders and students to highlight opportunities beyond what ArtsForce has turned into events. Our pinned posts include ArtsForce Newsletters, Student Classifieds & Collaborations, all are open to student submission and discussion. 

ArtsForce Newsletter

Newsletters are sent out regularly by email but in the off chance you lose them in your inbox you can find them here. 


To avoid getting too many notifications, go to the “notifications” tab under “account” and set up when and what you want to receive notifications. 


Download the Canvas app for easy mobile access. Tap the cog in the upper right-hand corner to see a list of your classes. Find ArtsForce and tap it to add it to your course feed. 

That’s all you need to know to immerse yourself in the new ArtsForce Canvas Community! ArtsForce is here to help you articulate your skills feel more confident about your degree and your passion. The Canvas Community is here to help you with that, so don’t hesitate to ask. 

Happy Learning!