Honor Roll / Annual Report

Thank you to these generous oragnizations and individual donors!



Wheeler Foundation
Zions First National Bank


Kenneth P. and Sally R. Burbidge Foundation
Kem C. Gardner Family Partnership, LTD
Jewish Family Services
McCarthey Family Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999

Brent and Bonnie Jean Beesley Foundation
Dick and Timmy Burton Foundation
Chevron Matching Employee Funds
Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
The Denver Foundation
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation, Inc.
James R. and Nanette S. Michie Foundation
S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation
W. Mack and Julia S. Watkins Foundation Trust
YourCause, LLC

$5,000 to $9,999

E. J. Bird Foundation
Edward L. Burton Foundation
Marian A. Connelly Qualified Marital Trust
Jiffy Lube - Utah Lubricants LLC
Myriad Genetics, Inc.
O. C. Tanner Company
Salt Lake Acting Company
Roger H. and Colleen K. Thompson Foundation

$2,500 to $4,999

The Bruce W. Bastian Foundation
M. Lynn Bennion Foundation
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
CCI Mechanical Inc.
Kent C. and Martha H. DiFiore Family Foundation
Emma Eccles Jones Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Love Communications/Studio Love
New York Life Foundation
Robert and Barbara Patterson Memorial Foundation
The Presser Foundation
Princeton Area Community Foundation
Bertram H. & Janet M. Schaap Trust
Sentinel Systems
United Jewish Endowment Trust
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Veritas Funding

$1,000 to $2,499

Antista Fairclough
Art Works for Kids
Dee R. Bangerter Support Foundation
Rodney H. and Carolyn Hansen Brady Foundation
C & L Investments, Inc.
CENGAGE Learning
The Children's Hour
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Elizabeth S. Hunter Trust
J. T. Miller Enterprises Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Montgomery Lee Inc.
Prescott Muir Architects, P.C.
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
Harris H. and Amanda P. Simmons Foundation
Terramerica Corporation & Affiliates
Verizon Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation

$500 to $999

Bennett, Tueller, Johnson & Deere
John W. Bennion Family Living Trust
Daynes Music Company
Firmage Second Restated Rev. Trust
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
George Q. Morris Foundation
Nebeker Family Foundation
Robert K. and Evelyn D. Pedersen Family Foundation, Inc.
Karen R. Post Trust
The Semnani Family Foundation

$100 to $499

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
Daynes Enterprise LC
Davis Arts & Humanities Council, Inc.
ECS Publishing Corporation
Frames Inc./ A Gallery
Fund Raising Counsel Inc.
General Federation of Women's Clubs of Utah
C. Frances Gillmor Trust
Huff Family Music Studio, Inc.
National Ability Center
Noodles & Company
Peter Prier & Sons Violins
Peterson Development Company
Phoenix Productions
Rumbi Island Grill
Select Equity Group Foundation
Simmons Living Trust
USG Foundation, Inc.
Utah Cultural Alliance
Wells Fargo
Yoshi's Japanese Grill

$99 or less

Brian Booth Music, LLC
Burgener Consulting Service
Covenant Communications, Inc.
Deseret Book Company
Grow Enterprises, Inc.
Jackman Music Corporation
Razoo Foundation
UGurt, LLC
Up Stage Design, Inc.


$25,000 to $99,999

Kem C. and Carolyn B. Gardner
Diana B. and Robert H. Hinckley
John M. and Martha M. Veranth

$10,000 to $24,999

Brent and Bonnie Jean Beesley
Robert D. Belnap
Andres J. Cardenes and Monique Mead
Gordon and Connie Hanks
Lennox Larson
Nancy P. and Richard E. Marriott
James R. and Nanette S. Michie
Joyce T. Rice
Dorothy Jo Wilson Sheppard
Daniel M. and Nicky M. Soulier
Larry B. and Liane Stillman
Julia Simmons Watkins

$5,000 to $9,999

Daniel C. and Anna Benton
Lowell C. and Sonja E. Brown
Marian A. Connelly
Dawn Delvie
Lisa E. Eccles
Katharine B. and Robert H. Garff
Lee A. and Audrey M. Hollaar
Kathie K. and Charles H. Horman
Thomas M. and Jamie N. Love
Debra and David E. Neff
Anne G. Osborn
Michael L. and Micki N. Sobieski
Roger H. and Colleen K. Thompson
Art and Connie Jo Hepworth-Woolston

$2,500 to $4,999

Rodney H. and Carolyn H. Brady
Bruce W. Bastian and Clint Ford
Reed W. Brinton
Anne and Dan L. Buchanan
Paulette and Dan Cary
Howard S. and Betty B. Clark
Daniel and Amanda Conner
Sarah and Matthew DeVoll
Martha and Kent DiFiore
Charlene Fetos
Marilyn R. and John W. Holt
Jonathan H. and Colleen Horne
Pat and Boyer Jarvis
Craig V. and Linda M. Lee
James P. Macken
Peter and Catherine Meldrum
Davis and Marcy Mullholand
Rhonda L. and William Nicoloff
Jim L. and Bonita Robertson
Sara V. and Bruce G. Robinson
Catherine W. and W. Edward Stringham
W. Gary and Darcy E. Sandberg
Bertram H. (Bert) and Janet M. Schaap
Geoffrey S. and Adria Swindle
Stephen L. Swisher and Lisa Dove-Swisher
J. Spencer Thompson and Brian Becker
Raymond Tymas-Jones
Anothony R. Wallin and Jennifer Price-Wallin

$1,000 to $2,499

Linda H. and Thomas R.M. Alder
Thomas and Pamela Antista
Bene C. Arnold
Mary F. and Dee R. Bangerter
Randy and Jeni Bathemess
Sandi Jo Behnken
John W. and Elizabeth Bennion
Mary Anne and Martin Berzins
H. Roger and Sara S. Boyer
Don F. and Jean W. Bradshaw
Eveline Bruenger
Kenneth J. and Kristina F. Burton
Andrej and Elena Cherkaev
Thomas D. and Joanne A. Coppin
Mark K. and Lafaunda L. Curtis
Ashby S. and Anne Cullimore Decker
Anne M. and David S. Dolowitz
David and Mary Driggs
F. Douglas and Susan H. Duehlmeier
E. R. (Zeke) Dumke
Jenifer G. Ewoniuk
Thomas M. and Mylene Fairclough
Abby L. and Jerome C. Fiat
John H. and Carol Firmage
Susan F. Fleming
Cecelia H. Foxley
Ralph and Rosie Gochnour
Raymond B. and Julie R. Greer
Tim and Stephanie Harpst
Elizabeth S. Hunter
Linda and David Johannesen
Michael A. Kalm and Janet C. Mann
Larry and Janine Krystkowiak
Karl E. and Susan Lind
Mary O. and Donald B. Lloyd
Loa B. Mangelson-Clawson
Paul G. and Alison R. Mayfield
Paul H. and Denise W. McMurray
Jeff T. Miller
Karen L. Miller and John W. Ballard
Prescott M. and Sharon D. Muir
Anne Palmer
Mary Lou P. and Ralph F. Peak
Diana J. and Joel C. Peterson
Zelie D. and Carl A. Pforzheimer
Douglas K. and Wyn Pottratz
John and Marcia Price
Sarah Projansky and Kent A. Ono
Victoria J. Ream-Baker and Merlin Baker
Jaryl L. and Julie W. Rencher
Scott L. and Lesli P. Rice
Greg Rogler and Brent Godfrey
Margot L. Shott
Maria and Evgeny Shustorovich
Harris H. and Amanda P. Simmons
Sam and Diane Stewart
Barbara L. Tanner
Candace J. and Jack Taylor
Kathlyn and Thomas F. Thatcher
Janet C. and M. Donald Thomas
Scott W. and Betsy D. Thornton
Susan R. Warshaw
Von H. and Virgina M. Whitby
Marilyn and Paul L. Whitehead
Robert and Jenny Wilson
David B. and Jeralynn T. Winder
Lauryn Wingate


A. Scott and Jesselie B. Anderson
Michael J. and Diane M. Anderson
Rebecca Endicott Barry
Jessica Radha Krishna Behl
Kenneth W. Birrell
Elena and Edward I. Bloomstein
Gerald R. (Skip) and Susan Daynes
Alexei L. and Irina A. Efros
Anna and Joel Fieldman
Joan B. and John H. Firmage
Leslie P. and John G. Francis
David P. and Sheila S. Gardner
James E. Gebhardt and Lucille R. Hesse
J.J. Gerber
Robert and Mary D. Gilchrist
Tony D. and Aerste Howells
Susan F. and Michael D. Huff
Carol F. and John E. Huffman
Larissa H. and Vincent K. Humphries
C. Jill Johnson
Cynthia Lark
Karl G. Lark and Antje Curry
Herbert C. and Wilma S. Livsey
Charles R. and Annick Loving
Heidi M. and Edward D. Makowski
Dylan Michael McCullough
Emilee and Eric R. Morgan
John H. Morgan
Carolyn R. Nebeker
Elina and Naum Nikolayevsky
Anna M. and Lawrence Okun
Evelyn D. Pedersen
Karen R. Post
Douglas C. and Wendy W. Preston
David E. and Shari H. Quinney
Michael P. Riordan
Susan S. and Thomas F. Rugh
Khosrow B. and Ghazaleh Semnani
Jonathan P. and Elizabeth M. Slager
Susan H. and John R. Speer
Phyllis H. and Douglas A. Tims
Marge Tucker
M. Walker and Sue R. Wallace
Donna M. and Kenneth L. White
Dana E. and Carolyn Wilson


Carolyn C. Abravanel
Nancy and Brad Andes
Patricia Jo Angood
Dave Asay
Jack S. and Marie Y. Ashton
John and Neena D. Ashton
Robert K. Avery and Frances C. Gillmor
Robert L. and Maria Baldwin
Julie and Bill Barrett
Daneta D. and James R. Bardsley
Victoria Finlinson Barker
LaMar C. and Carol W. Barrus
Leah R. and Paul Battista
Nina Boguslavsky
Alice R. Capson Brown
Darlene H. and Wilson C. Brown
Ellen R. Bromberg
Lenora F. and Jay Brown
Marshall J. and Rebecca Brown
Pat C. Brown
Nathan M. Buchanan
Gary and Susan Buehner
Rebecca L. Burrage and Keith Guernsey
Miriam Bushnell
Tina E. Byrd
Mary Ellen B. and Thomas H. Caine
Priscilla Campbell
Kathryn C. and Roger A. Carter
Sue D. and Thayer S. Christensen
Lyn Christiansen
Miguel Chuaqui and Lisa M. Chaufty
Lynne Church
Juan Carlos Claudio and Kade J. Clark
Randy L. and Tamralynn T. Clark
Heather Conner
David and Carol Coulter
Flora C. and John B. D'Arcy
DiAnna Davis
Kristin T. and Michael W. Day
Nathan and Linda Dean
Gregory V. DiCenso
Dylan B. Dow
Rachel Anne Duff
Steven P. Eastburn
Shellie M. and Eric N. Eide
J. Steven Eklund and Adele Bancroft-Eklund
Dick and Susan Evans
Lisa L. and Eric Evans
William J. and Jean Evans
Naomi K. Feigal
Barbara M. and Millard S. Firebaugh
Cynthia F. and Jeff Fleming
James E. Ford and Ariel Bybee
F. Ivan Frazier
Robert C. and Jeanne M. Fuehr
Karen B. and Mark A. Fulton
Susan M. Gabriel
Leslie Scopes Garcia and Charles M. Anderson
Colin and Delores Gardner
Jutta Sigri Gellersen
Rebecca B.and Royden J. Glade
Richard N. and Carolyn Greene
Linda A. Grimm-Kovach
Mary and Jim Grisley
George M. and Patricia A. Haley
Barbara J. and E. Dean Hamblin
Pamela G. and Eric M. Handman
Kevin Hanson and Heather Bennett
June L. Harral
Samuel Gene Harris
Kenneth F. and Dana R. Harlos
Catherine S. and David C. Hardy
Dorothy Anna Harrison
Jillian L. Harris
Carol O. and Thomas M. Hartvigsen
Daniel C. and Katarina O. Hege
Paul W. and Leora R. Hewitt
Michele and Lawrence S.Holzman
Kerri A. Hopkins
Karineh Hovsepian
Dianne Howe
Shirley Y. Hughes
Tom and Verna Huiskamp
Satu Hummasti
Sybil D. Huskey and Mike Lavine
Ryan Jensen and Nathaniel Rogers
Elaine S. Kaufman
Marilyn N. Kelso
Patricia C. and Richard A. Kimball
Calvin Wayne Kitten
Robert W. Mary Jo Kleinschmidt
Stephen Koester
Barbara A. Kreek
Thomas R. and Patrice Kurz
Sharee Jo Lane
Paul and Ann Larsen
Wendy F. and Lawrence J. Leigh
Jeanne L. Leigh-Goldstein
Darron P. and Mary J. Lillian
Donald F. and Julie Anne Logan
Larry D. and Joyce P. Lowder
David and Donna Lyon
Linda L. and Alan D. Magnuson
Boaz A. Markewitz and Jeanmarie Mayer
Stephen and Janette S. Marshall
John C. and Pamela L. March
J. Michael and Mary A. Mattsson
Cory W. and Larry C. Maxfield
Lorita S. and Don E. McLeod
D. Kent and Barbara E. Michie
R. Scott and Megan R. Miller
Roger L. Miller
Antoinette and Paul L. Mistretta
Ron and Sue Mistretta
Paul Mogren and Ann Marie Breznay
Edward B. and Barbara C. Moreton
Anne Morgan-Jespersen and Roy S. Jespersen
Betta D. and Mark W. Nash
David C. and Erin L. Oehler
Brian F. Patrick
Jennifer H. and T. Jeffery Payne
Steven and Jill V. Pecchia-Bekkum
Grethe B. Peterson
Christian I. Petersen
Leon and Karen Peterson
Virginia Peterson
Donna H. and William R. Pizza
Rhoda W. Ramsey
Jack B. and Itha W. Rampton
Brett Wayne Rasmussen
Marilyn L. Read
Patricia Carole M. Rubley
Jean Ann Sabatine
Robert V. and Gail F. Sanders
Brent L. Schneider and Kim Blackett
Faith Gartrell and Richard H. Schwartz
Robert P. and Laverne C. Schardt
Mark N. Schneider
Jonathan Scoville and Tandy Beal
Suzanne M. Scott
Brent A. Scott
Ruth J. and Robert E. Seegmiller
Janet L. and Gregory H. Shaw
Clough and Kay Shelton
Jacolin Anne Shifrar
Glenda H. Shrader
Jeffrey and Leslie Silvestrini
Jerry W. and Tad P. Simonson
Millicent S. Simmons
William C. Siska and Elizabeth S. Conley
Martha M. and David E. Sloan
Linda F. Smith and Lee K. Shuster
Nathan Smith
Brian Snapp
Elizabeth Southwell
Cynthia F. Spoor and Douglas L. Howard
Karen Sprague
Glenda Jean Staples
Mark St. Andre and Susan J. Petheram
Rick Stuck and Kathy Rick
Andrew and Alice B. Sullivan
Arthur J. Swindle
Karlyen Tan
Margaret W. and Dennis N. Tesch
Gordon and Patricia Thomson
Carol C. and Kenneth L. Verdoia
Richard W.J. Wacko
Sharon Walkington
Alene K. Wecker
Ronald E. and Susan B. White
Connie J. Wilkerson
Gage Williams
Gwen G. Williams
Richard C. and Marsha N. Workman

$99 or less

Laurie Allen
Richard B. and Linda B. Allen
Eric and Judi Amsel
Margo L. Andrews
Scott F. and Rebecca C. Aneloski
Kimberley M. Avery
Christine Ann Baczek
Bruce Karl Ballinger
Lou Michael Banks
Lynda G. Banks
John J. and Melody R. Barenbrugge
Kathleen R. and Stephen L. Barlow
Melissa and John Barto
Darin York Beane and Jennifer Jacobson
R. Jacqueline Beem
Carol and Mark Bergstrom
Hailey M. Bill
Richard E. and Katherine W. Black
Robert E. and Teriann L. Booth
Dorothy Brady
Kay Patten Bradford
George Brinton
Sandra F. Brock
Newel K. Brown
Joan Cooper Brown
Sarah E. and Scott Brown
William E. Buchanan
Richard D. and Mariel P. Budd
Julie P. and John M. Buhler
Sherrie W. and Cory Burt
Keri L. Burgess
Ann M. and Ken Burnett
Hal K. and Joan Campbell
Amy Carruth
Joseph and Mikal R. Casalino
Darlene Marie Casanova
Jean S. Casner
Daniel S. Chamberland and Gloria Yanez-Chamberland
Cheryl L. and Matthew S.H. Chambers
Max S. and Edee Chang
Dhiraj Chand
Carrie H. and Li Chou Cheng
James N. and Colleen G. Chipman
Kent David Christensen
Kylie Ellen Christensen
Wyman and Susan S Christiansen
Laurine H. and Herbert E. Cihak
Joann S. Clark
Merrill Ross Clark and Brenda E. Vincent
Tess Mckenzie Cook
Thomas P. Costello
Rona L. Culley
Elaine B. Dabb
Eydie L. and J. Bradford DeBry
James R. and Monica DeGooyer
Eileen Despain
Jill Dewsnup
Glen A. and Janet W. Dover
Dalton and Joanna Driggers
Kevin S. Dudley
Carol L. and Michael N. Dzuranin
Tanja and Robert D. Easson
Abby Carolyn Ellis
Donald E. Emery
Elaine E. Englehardt
Tracy Ann Evans
Carol O. Feldman
Spencer and Barbara Felt
Reese William Ferguson
Kimberly A. and Andre M. Floyd
Berkley R.J. Frei
James K. Garland
Bonnie and William James Geertsen
April E. and Dale W. Goddard
Lareena Deann Goertz
Carol A. Goodson
Paul and Janet Griffin
Blaine J. and Kelly L. Grow
Calvin H. Gundersen and Kaye Lecheminant
Jennifer Ann Gustavson
Claudia M. Restrepo Guzman
Ruth and Kim Hackford-Peer
Robert A. Haise
Cherie B. Hale
Thane Hales
Jean P. and Paul A. Hanks
Hilerie and Shon W. Harris
Karla Harris
Jonnie A. Hartman
Emily W. and Isaac R. Hawkins
Anthony E. and Gregg Ann Herrern
Gregg Ann Herrern
Jay C. and Michelle Hess
David Andrew Hesterman
Alonzo A. and Stephanie S. Hinckley
Joan P. Holt
Gerald L. and Lynda R. Homer
Karen E. Horne
Deborah B. and Richard V. Hoyt
Lisa Marie Hoyt
Helene Huff
Lori A. Hutchison
Joan Ishimatsu
Keiko Ito
Nirmala and Srikanth Jammulapati
Gitti and Khosrow Javedani
Julie V. and Marc E. Jentzsch
Susan E. Jester
Olof A. and Tamara B. Johansson
Alexia Anne Johnson
Alexander H. Johnstone
Julia A. and Ken Jones
Robert Michael Jungert
Heidi Justice
Ann Kadesch-Carter
Naomi J. Kakuk
Carolyn E. and Joseph Brian Kamees
Julie Lynn Kane
Brandon R. Kitterman
Dennis Kostecki and Linda K. Roberts
Peter and Kristin Kraus
J. P. and Marilyn R. Kraczek
Marilyn W. Krantz
Beth Ellen Krensky and Edward Gorfinkle
Leah Virginia Langan
Daniel Nathan Lane
Karen Lynn Larsen
David K. Larsen
Paul B. and Sharon O. Larson
Tim D. Lawton
Renda Layton
Dana M. Leary
Alexander Leary
Howard and Nancy Lemcke
Kevin Leo
Mar Dean T. Leslie
Kenneth and Janet B. Lesh
Brian Lopez
Gay Lee Papadakis Luinstra and Loren W. Luinstra
Andrea Chaston Luker
Tyler Earl Lynch
Laura and James R. Macbeth
Linda Faye Marion
David C. and Kimberly A. Marsden
Jamie Renee Mathieu
Amelia Anne Mathews-Pett
John C. Maw
Bunny McCoun
Megan McCormick
Thomas Ryan McCosh
Dorothy Ann and Kevin McGuire
R. Kevin McInnis and Simone E. Zimonja-McInnis
Suzanne McKenna
Deja Analee McKinnon
Roselee N. McNamara
John and Patsy McNamara
H. Janet and Drew C. Millerberg
Natsuye S. and Ronald H. Nishijima
Alexandra Elizabeth Mitchell
Daniel Fredrick Mitchell
Rodney Gordon Montague
Kim N. Morris and Rheba Vetter
Margot G. and Brandon Murdoch
Angela S. Napper
Dale and Beth Nash
Helen and John Nelson
Victoria Kaitlin Norman
Harry K. and Seiko Okubo
Christy D. Olsen
Dorothy Ann Moyle Palmer
Catherine R. and Theodore H. Pardike
Craig B. and M'Lisa Y. Paulsen
Jordan Lynne Pawlisin
Sherilon O. and John Penzari
Patrizia Ann Peterson
Yvonne and Michael B. Purcell
Julie Rada
Karen C. and George A. Raine
Ray R. and Hazel L. Raino
Joan Arcana Randazzo
Sheree R. and Stanley H. Reed
Don L. and Rebecca Reese
Amanda Reiser
Andrea J. and David B. Richardson
Suzanne S. Richards
Jack A. and Cynthia J. Ricks
Chad Lee Riley
Coila P. and Brent Robinson
Haily and Ryan E. Roberts
Miles D. and Bonnie Romney
Rhonda C. Rooker
Margaret Ann Rorke
Jared M. and Suzanne H. Ruplinger
Susan Sandack
Linda and Coleman Saunders
Denny Lee Saunders
Rachel Rebekka Savage
Matthew J. Schardt
Edwin P. Schlesinger
Nancy J. Schmitz
Jonathan and Susan K. Schofield
Jim and Sandi Seale
YuYun Sejati and Christopher R. Jones
Charles L. and Rachael J. Sharp
Lien Shen
Glade E. and Billie J. Shepherd
Jennifer Ann Timpson Shiba
Sarah A. Shippobotham
Harvey L. and Mary L. Shumate
Richard Smartt
J. Christopher Smith
Kathleen R. and Stephen R. Snow
Christie and Rob Sowby
Bernard A. and Lois J. Spiegel
Tomislav Stanich
Debbie D. and Robert J. Stevens
J. Michael Stewart
Carolyn J. and Michael J. Stransky
Tan A. and Paul R. Summers
Janet L. Swenson
Louise Tedesco
James W. and Linda Thompson
Wesley Thomas
Wendy J. Thompson
Arden R. and JoAnn L. Thorum
Susan Tillman
Linda and Robert C. Tippets
Richard Allen Trippeer, III
Tom and Allison Turner
John Taylor Vandover
Nicole Anne Vernon
Juliana Vorkink
Sherrie Waggener
Linda D. and Jim Wagstaff
Stephanie Wagstaff
Stuart T. and Susan T. Waldrip
Ladene N. Walker
Marcia Walke
Joshua D. Wanamaker
Charlene M. and Marc T. Wangsgard
Robin J. Watson
Aaron Lee Webb
Wilfred H. Weeks, Jr.
Amy L. and Stephen B. West
Mark R. West
Warren and Mary M. Whitaker
William E. and Sharon L. White
Mary E. and Stanley D. White
Richard M. Wilson
Maida R. and Lawrence A. Withers
Pamela S. Woodmansee
Deborah M. Wouden
Keri Lynn Wright