Jennifer McLaurin, M.S.

CFA Academic Advisor

Pronouns: she/ her/ hers

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Office: David Gardner Hall, room 196

Jenn is originally from Upstate New York, where she earned an MS in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration. She joined the College of Fine Arts advising team in 2016. Connecting students with resources, opportunities, and experiences is one of her favorite parts of the job. Well, that and getting to hang out all day with a bunch of rad makers, movers, researchers, and performers. As a lover of the arts, you are likely to spot Jenn at your exhibits, presentations, and performances. When she isn’t helping folks as they work toward their educational goals or attending fine arts events, you can catch her hanging out with my super cute cats: Tim and Mitch (pictures available upon request), winding through the canyons on her motorcycle, or doing some tinkering and making of her own!

Advising Philosophy:

As an advisor, I strive to meet students where they are and help them move in a positive direction. To meet students where they are, I utilize a holistic approach to advising which considers the individual's personal, social, financial, emotional, developmental, cultural, and ethnic identities. Considering these factors helps me provide accurate and useful information about policies, procedures, resources and academic planning.