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For Sabbatical Requests:

  • Please submit your request to your Chair/Director. The Chair/Director must submit requests for faculty Sabbatical leaves (including the Chair/Director letters of support and ranking) to the Dean by November 26, 2018. In addition, the Chair/Director should consider all the grant and leave applications that their faculty are submitting each cycle/year – both inside and outside the College – in order to determine whether Department/School responsibilities will be adequately covered if all the applications are successful.
  • Please read all information carefully on the downloadable forms. You will turn in completed forms and all supporting documentation to your Department Chair/Director.

Request Forms for 2019-20 Sabbaticals:

For more information about the rules governing sabbatical leaves please see sections 4 & 9 of University Policy 6-314.  Under this policy, faculty members whose last sabbatical leave was in academic year 2012-13 are presumably eligible for another sabbatical.  Note that other leaves taken since that year may be taken into consideration in recommending individuals for sabbatical leave.  In addition, if an untenured faculty member meets the criteria of six completed years of service and is recommended for sabbatical, approval will be contingent upon the faculty member being tenured at the time the sabbatical begins.

For questions about the application process please contact either Cami Rives () in the College of Fine Arts Dean's Office or Trina Rich () in the Office of the Associate VP for Faculty.

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