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The Women’s Chorus at The University of Utah is an ensemble for singers of all abilities to rehearse and perform an array of treble choral repertoire. Despite its name, all gender identities are welcome! The choir will perform two concerts this semester on October 19th and December 7th at 7:30P in the Libby Gardener Concert Hall. In addition, students may choose to engage in small group performance opportunities in the community.

The director, Emily Mercado, Ph.D., begins her appointment as Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education at the University of Utah this fall. Mercado taught choir for nine years in Corvallis Oregon and held the post of Associate Conductor for the Corvallis Repertory Singers. Mercado is a dynamic and energetic conductor with a student-centered approach. For example, ensemble members are encouraged to provide input on repertoire selection, musical expression, and rehearsal pedagogy. Her rehearsals are a safe and inclusive space for all students to make and experience quality choral music. Please email her at if you have any questions.

The last day to add classes is Friday August 24th. If you are interested, please add MUSC 4410/MUSC 6410 to your schedule. No audition required!

Photo credit Gavin Whitner.


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