Merit Medical Systems, Inc. invests in experiential learning opportunities for fine arts students

June 15 2021

Experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom help to prepare College of Fine Arts students for the professional world. The CFA Fund provides funding for these types of transformative experiences for students in Art & Art History, Dance, Film & Media Arts, Music, and Theatre: from internships within the college and with local organizations, to competitions, festivals, masterclasses, and more. It is often in these settings that students further refine professional skill sets outside their coursework and build their networks. 

Demonstrating a strong commitment to the success of emerging arts professionals, Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is matching gifts to the CFA Fund up to $7,500 this month. This generous gift opens doors for students, and encourages others in the community to fortify experiential learning in the College of Fine Arts with double the impact. 

One student from the School of Dance can already speak to the value of her Create Success internship in the CFA. 

Modern dance major Lia Wong not only manages a full course load plus rigorous rehearsals, she has also worked alongside the Academic Advising team for the past two years helping students in New Student and Transfer Orientations.

“I have been able to better my interpersonal, presentational, communication, and teamwork skills. As interns, we are involved in the creation of ideas on how to promote student success which forced me to be confident in my own thoughts, allowed me to learn how to jump in head first into a project with not much guidance, take risks, and be okay with trial and error,” she said. “I feel like I was able to get a better sense of my own degree, the possibilities I have within that degree, and how I can better articulate the value of my degree and the arts to others.” 

"From the time of its founding in 1987, Merit Medical Systems, Inc. has worked to build and strengthen the local community by supporting andDarla Gill FAAB 2019 resized donating to the arts and other cultural programs in our State. We recognize that a city with a vibrant artistic and cultural scene encourages a society of healthier, happier, more creative, and more diverse residents, and tends to attract a high level of talent to the region. We encourage our employees and others in the community to take advantage of and support the rich culture of art and education in Utah, and we appreciate being associated with the University of Utah’s College of Fine Arts."
- Darla Gill
Co-Founder, Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
College of Fine Arts Advisory Board Member