Does your Sponsored Student Organization have a brilliant idea? Apply for a FAF Grant by September 25, 2020!

September 01 2020

College of Fine Arts Sponsored Student Organizations, recognized through the University’s Student Leadership & Involvement Office, may apply for a Fine Arts Fees Grant (FAF Grant) for noncredit activities that:

  • Enhance student learning and/or
  • Enhance the student experience for the larger University community and/or
  • Create or host virtual fine arts events  - some grant proposal possibilities are hosting virtual master classes or guest lectures, creating virtual arts events, attending a virtual conference – or whatever you can envision while also following the University’s COVID-19 restrictions.

The FAF Grants website is your resource for important FAF Grants Information:

The University has provided information regarding Sponsored student groups and COVID-19.

FAF Grants proposals for the first grant cycle must be turned into your Departmental FAF Grants Representative prior to or on September 25, 2020. 

Prior to submitting a Fall FAF Grant, please make sure you are leading a Sponsored Student Organization at:

If you are not leading Sponsored Student Organization and you are interested in becoming sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, please email  for information on how to become a College of Fine Arts Sponsored Student Organization.