Insights from an Intern: Micki Martinez, Department of Theatre

April 22 2020

This is a series dedicated to highlighting the insights our students gained during their internships.

Name: Micki Martinez, Department of Theatre 

Internship:  I interned at Pioneer Theatre Company during Fall, 2019. 

What responsibilities did you have as an intern?

As an intern it is my responsibility to help with a variety of projects. I assist company management with office work and running the table at auditions. I also help with actor travel days, picking them up and dropping them off at the airport, as well as taking inventory in the rooms at Meldrum House, PTC’s actor housing. Interns also get the opportunity to work on two productions at the theatre during their semester long internship, working stage crew on one, and performing/understudying another.

What new skills or knowledge did you gain from your internship?

As a performer there is always knowledge to be gained through working on a production. Acting along side professionals can teach a young performer a lot! It is an opportunity to utilize the skills we work on in our classes in a professional environment. It is also really fun and educational to work on stage crew with the fabulous Stage Management team at PTC. One of the benefits of working in the office is learning about the way Company Management works at a more detailed level. We also learn a lot about how travel is scheduled for AEA members, as well as what requirements must be met for union actors within their housing. We also have unique opportunities to work with Artistic Director, Karen Azenberg, and are given the chance to work with her during auditions, in the rehearsal room, and throughout the semester.  

What connections did you make and how do you think they may help you in your career?

I have met lots of wonderful people through this internship, all of whom are professionals in their field. There have been many actors who have graciously offered advice and tips to me throughout the semester. Everyone in the office or on the production teams at the theatre are all extremely helpful and willing to answer questions.

What advice would you give other students who are interested in a similar internship? 

I would say go for it! This internship has been a fabulous experience, and I would highly recommend it. I would also tell them that the more they put into it, the more they will get out of it. It is absolutely worth it. 

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Another serious perk is that Amanda Bowen, the Company Manager, always has a selection of candy in her office. This is for sure one of the perks of the job!