Convocation 2020: Student speakers Jae Weit and Sydney May address graduates

April 29 2020

Normally, the presence of our graduating seniors would be personified by one student on the stage of Kingsbury Hall, with wisdom, memories and gratitude echoing through the iconic theatre and into our collective consciousness. 

But this year is anything but normal. 

So instead, to accommodate the changes in our world, we’re bringing you the voices of two students speakers, each who have powerful, compelling, gracious, thoughtful remarks about their time here studying in the University of Utah College of Fine Arts and their hopes for the future.  

Without further ado, it is our pleasure to welcome to the main digital stage: graduates Sydney May from the School of Dance, and Jae Weit from the Department of Theatre.


Sydney May
School of Dance, Class of 2020


Jae Weit
Department of Theatre, Class of 2020

*Check back tomorrow for an official address from Dean John W. Scheib!*