Utah Philharmonia embraces middle eastern music with Moniki Jalili and ensemble

December 06 2018

Come experience a unique concert of traditional middle eastern arrangements. The Utah Philharmonia, in partnership with the Middle East Center presents The Sands of Time: Journey through the Middle East, with special guests Monika Jalili and ensemble.

Jalili and her ensemble have been performing since 2005 with the goal of sharing the history of Persian culture through its music and poetry. Her ensemble includes: Shane Shanahan, percussion; Megan Gould, violin; and Zeb Gould, guitar.

In a rehearsal, Jalili explained to the orchestra, this concert is not only about sharing the beautiful music of Iran, but also to show the connection music has all around the world. The songs she will be singing are rich in Persian culture, but also have universal themes such as love, loss, and friendship.

"I am so excited for this concert. All of this music is very special and I think that the audience will really be inspired by these pieces especially getting to hear music from Iran," said Nava Payandeh, a junior at the University of Utah and a member of the orchestra.

Also on the program is Shalan Alhamwy's Two Images from Aleppo. Alhamwy is a Syrian refugee who wrote the piece to encapsulate the problems people have gone through in Syria. He hopes his piece will give the audience a glimpse of the chaos people endured trying to escape the Syrian War. Following this sobering work is one of hope. Mohammed Fairouz's Pax Universalis, which translates into world peace, is full of vibrant rhythms and melodies.

The concert will be directed by Robert Baldwin. "We are truly fortunate to be able to learn and share this music from around the world,” said Baldwin. “If we also promote better understanding and goodwill that would be a welcome bonus to what promises to be a fantastic evening of music."

Date and time: 12/6 at 7:30P
Libby Gardner Concert Hall
Ticket information: General Admission: $12.50, Arts Pass event: Free for U of U students with UCard, Non-U of U Students: $6.50, Faculty, Staff, Seniors: $6.50


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