Our Strategic Plan

This strategic plan is the product of significant reflection on the part of the faculty and staff of the College of Fine Arts (CFA). Over a period of two years, from 2016 through 2018, the college community invested thoughtful energy and cooperative efforts, examining our past and present, and boldly envisioning our future. The process led to our college community collaboratively establishing a list of shared core values, crafting newly re-envisioned mission and vision statements, and developing our four central goals for the future.

As we strive to live by our core values and embody our mission, our intention is for this plan to be a “living” document that will continue to evolve as we seek to reach our vision for the future of the College of Fine Arts. 

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Our Vision:
 A world where we harness the power of the arts to inspire us all to find our voices, fuel our passions, and ignite our futures. 

Our Mission: Generate and share new knowledge through inclusive and sustainable inquiry in and through the arts. 

CFA Core Values f