Up Close and Personal with Orcs and Dwarves

Up Close and Personal with Orcs and Dwarves

Congratulations to Sarah Shippobotham, Professor in the Theatre Department, 

on her work as dialect coach on Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy!


Sarah Shippobotham, associate professor and head of the Actor Training Program in the University of Utah’s Department of Theatre recently returned from living in the Shire for eight months.
While hobnobbing with hobbits and wizards, Sarah’s job was to be a coach in several British accents as well as an expert in the languages of Elvish, Dwarvish, and Black Speech.
Sarah was chosen as a dialect coach for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy starting with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opening Dec. 14th.  She most often worked on the second unit, directed by Andy Serkis, yes, Gollum himself.  “It was an amazing experience to work on such a huge production,” said Sarah. “This was the first film I have worked on and the sets were incredible. I am used to elaborate sets at the Shaw Festival, but nothing like what I experienced with The Hobbit.”


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