Open Positions



The primary mission of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah is to provide students with a dynamic contemporary learning environment that inspires intellectual, creative and professional excellence and innovation in the arts while honoring tradition.



Advance the practice and appreciation of the arts through leadership in teaching and research.


The academic and artistic training experienced in the College of Fine Arts must be vigorous, comprehensive, and rigorous.

Human Expression

Human expression is the result of imagination, invention, curiosity and originality, which are central to a foundation of a university-based arts program.

Analytical and Conceptual Thinking

Approaching problem solving with analytical and conceptual thinking as well as identifying creative opportunities that develop an aesthetic sensibility.


The evolutionary nature of development as an artist, scholar and educator anticipates evidence of growth and achievements in the development of undergraduate students’ preparation for advanced study and the transitioning of the graduate student into the professional arena. Furthermore, the continuous maturation and achievements of all faculty and staff in the College of Fine Arts to the creation of an environment conducive to intellectual and artistic pursuits
are fundamental.


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