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Absence PolicyPerformance Arts Building

CFA Absence Policy (for all faculty members in the College of Fine Arts)

Absence Report Form (for absences to be reported to the Dean’s Office)

Curriculum Process & Policies

All new curriculum forms are on the Curriculum Administration site.

Curriculum Timeline 2013-14


For Curriculum Administration Forms Guidelines, please click here.

For a copy of the Curriculum Submission Overview spreadsheet  (previously the “Overview”) that needs to be turned in to the Dean’s Office with the curriculum forms, please click here.

For a Syllabus Template Checklist, please click here.

For a Syllabus Template, please click here.

For the University Graduation Requirement Worksheet (including Gen Ed requirements), please click here.

Important Links:
Curriculum Administration Website

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) Website

Undergraduate Council Syllabus Guidelines

E-mail Addresses:

Retention, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) Policies & Information

Auxiliary Faculty Review Policy (approved September 2009 – this policy is currently in the process of being revised)

CFA Tenured Faculty Review Policy (Post-Tenure RPT) (approved April 2013)

Department of Art & Art History RPT Policy (approved May 2014)

Department of Art & Art History RPT Policy  (approved December 2008)

Department of Ballet RPT Policy (approved April 2004)

Department of Film & Media Arts RPT Policy (approved July 2006)

Department of Modern Dance RPT Policy (approved September 2003)

School of Music RPT Policy (approved November 2008)

Department of Theatre RPT Policy (approved October 2003)

RPT Timeline 2013-14


Sabbatical Information

For Sabbatical Requests:
Please  submit your request to your Chair/Director. The Chair/Director must submit requests for faculty Sabbatical leaves (including the Chair/Director letters of support and ranking) to the Dean by November 26, 2103

Please read all information carefully on the downloadable forms. You will turn in completed forms and all supporting documentation to your Department Chair/Director.

Word Versions:




PDF Versions:




For more information about the rules governing sabbatical leaves please see sections 4 & 9 of University  Policy 6-314 .

For questions about the application process please contact either Cami Rives in the College of Fine Arts Dean’s Office (cami.rives@utah.edu) or Trina Rich in the Office of the Associate VP for Faculty (trina.rich@utah.edu).



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