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The CFA Brand Book was created to bring consistency to the way we all communicate about the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah.  As members of the College of Fine Arts, we share a responsibility to represent the brand of the College as well as the University correctly in all forms of communication.  This CFA Brand Book, in concert with the University Branding Guidelines, provides you with the necessary tools to accomplish our collective goal.

All College of Fine Arts Staff and Faculty should be familiar with the guidelines and information in the CFA Brand Book.  If any outside design work is being created for the CFA, make sure all parties are familiar with the Brand Book as well.

The CFA Brand Book provides information on:

  • Logos: usage and placement pages 5-10
  • CFA Fonts: primary, complementary and substitues pages 11-14
  • Color Palette: Primary and Secondary pages 15-16
  • Identity: Letterhead, business cards, email signatures page 18
  • Messaging: printed materials guidelines pages 19-20

Look through the CFA BRANDBOOK as a PDF, or download as a reference source.

 Examples of the brand in use with logos for the Emerging Leaders program, and FAF Grants (Fine Arts Fees Grants) and CFA Blog:  The Finer Points.

Emerging Leaders

FAF Grants


  • If you need logos for the College of Fine Arts, the U & the Arts Program, or the departments and are an employee of the University of Utah click through to login here or click on the button below.
    button showing the College of Fine Arts logo and a download arrow
  • If you are not an employee of the University and are in need of a logo, email a request to the Public Relations Associate at:


The photo bank for the College of Fine Arts at our flickr page

  • Here you can download  images from the College for marketing and communications purposes.
  • You are required to credit a photographer is available.  All rights reserved.


To use the suggested email signature:

  • Open this word doc: CFA-signature-template
  • Change the logo to identify your area if needed and copy the template
  • Go to your preferences in your email system to the signature area
  • Paste the email template and input the appropriate information (your name, adress, email , etc)
  • Be sure that your First and Last name is Bold
  • Social media buttons are optional, just delete if you would not like to use them
  • Social media buttons currently link to the CFA facebook, twitter and blog. If you would like to link them to your department go through the hyperlink option in the word doc before copying it into your email signature preference.

Any questions should go to the CFA Public Relations Associate: Sara Pickett

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